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Schaefer Technologies, Inc. has a long and successful history of manufacturing and delivering quality capsule processing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. We support the Medical Marijuana Industry with the superior equipment necessary for the filling, banding and polishing of medical grade capsules. We offer custom design capabilities as well as an established line of capsule processing equipment.


Schaefer Technologies, Inc. has been an industry leader since 1932 in the manufacture of quality equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industry providing “capsule fill & finish” manufacturing solutions.
We are pleased to expand our expertise to the rapidly growing field of medical marijuana and cannabis processing by providing uniquely designed formulation and manufacturing process design solutions.
We offer small and large-scale machine solutions for everything from essential oil and powder capsule filling, capsule banding, tinctures to one off equipment designs for unique applications.
Our team of veteran manufacturing and engineering experts will guide you step-by-step through the process of identifying and installing the system that is right for your operation. We will help you navigate everything from space limitations, output differentials, and scalability through the rapidly changing state regulatory requirements.

Below is a brief overview of our most popular medical marijuana and cannabis processing solutions.

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RoboCAP Series (Low Output/Expandable)

The RoboCAP series capsule filler is a versatile and expandable system with a very low barrier to cost. The Robotic Arm automatically fills and cycles 100 to 300 capsule per tray. The system can be heated to reduce a product to a fluid state for ease of filling or keep paste or oil fluid for ease of filling. This bench top design has a small footprint and can be expanded from 1,400 cph (capsules per hour) to 10,000 caps per hour. The RoboCAP can be modified to also fill powders, tinctures, vials and bottles.

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  STI Lab-Cap 3000 (Low Output / Fully Automatic)

Need versatility in a fully automatic machine? The Lab-Cap 3000 is the machine you need. Table/bench top mounted, fully automatic, capsule filling for powder, pellets and liquid. Perfect for batch and full production applications.

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LabTop Bander (Low Output)

If your product requires banding, this system has a very small foot print, is easy to operate and clean with a low cost barrier.

The LabTop Bander secures the capsule with two bands. Not only does the bander create a secure leak proof and tamper evident capsule but also can be used for branding / identification.

Changing over from one capsule to another is easy, inexpensive and change parts are usually in our inventory.

The speed with one person operating is up to 200 cph. However, output can easily be increased by adding operators and a few additional tools. Speeds of 1,000 cph can be achieved.

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STI LF10 & CB15 (High Output)

The LF10 (oil / paste filling) and the CB 15 (capsule banding) are high output systems solutions when quantity requirements increase. They can work together or be purchased separately.

The LF10 operates up to 18,000 cph. It fills pastes and essential oils. The built-in heater and stirrer will keep your oil fluid and integrated. The LF10 is also equipped with lockable casters for mobility.

The CB 15 has a maximum output of 15,000 cph. The dual banding system puts on a secure leak proof tamper evident band. The machine can process both vegetarian based and gelatin solutions.

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STI Model 10 ver.5.0 (High Output - Powder and Pellet filling) (no image shown)

STI Model CP-4200 Capsule Polisher (no image shown)





Capsule Filling Machines

Capsule Banding and Sealing Machines


Capsule Polishing Machine

Automatic / Bench Top - Capsule Filling Machine



Schaefer Technologies, Inc. offers high quality capsule filling equipment for filling powders, beads,

and liquids into two-piece hard gelatin or vegetable based capsules. Let our machines take care of your cGMP concerns! Manufactured to meet Federal GMPs for Dietary Supplements and pharmaceutical-biotech cGMP


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