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Capsule Insertion and Check Ring for Clinical Trials and Over-Encapsulation Applications

          Check Ring  

The Insertion Ring is used to insert tablets and capsules into the body of the separated capsule. A flood fill technique is used to place the tablets and/or capsules into the ring. The filled ring is then placed on the body portion of the capsule filling ring that contains the empty capsule bodies. The spring loaded fingers on the insertion ring are then compressed releasing the tablets or capsules into the capsule bodies. The Check Ring is placed over the Body Ring filled with product and is used to verify that the product has been placed in the body of the capsule. The capsules that have product in them will have a raised Delrin pin. The utilization of the Insertion Ring and the Check Ring enables the Model 10 and Model 8S (powder and pellet) and the LF-10 (liquid) Capsule Filling Machines to be used for Clinical Trial and Over-encapsulation Applications.


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