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Schaefer Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1932 - "82 yrs of doing it Right"

            For over six decades, we've said there's never time to do the job over - but there's always time to do the job right ... when you have the people to get the job done. Located in our 60,000 sq. ft. headquarters, Schaefer Technologies, Inc. (STI) along with our European distributors, provide sales and technical support for all of our machinery. When an organization must deliver on its promises, people make the difference. Repeat business is a product of skilled technicians doing their jobs right, the first time.

            Continued growth is important and allows STI to stay competitive in today's various markets. In 2004 STI purchased Hamblen Gage Corporation (HGC) that specialized in automated post process measuring / gaging equipment. They had been in business since 1952. In late 2012, we acquired the right to the EnGuard line of Barrier Isolation and Containment systems. These systems provide containment for processing of potent compounds, solid dosage and parenteral products for the pharmaceutical industry.

            The success of Schaefer Technologies stems from the skills of our people. Since our first day, we have focused on maintaining a team that's ready to respond. Expertise that starts with training. Skills polished by experience. Together, time and talent are manifest in the heads and hands of master craftsmen. Every task that passes through the doors of Schaefer Technologies benefits from the decades of experience compiled by our people. It's a pool of knowledge we draw upon daily.


                        Schaefer Technologies manufactures quality new and re-built equipment along with custom design of machinery and customized accessories for your machinery. Our major products consist of: Capsule Powder filling, and Pellet Filling Equipment, Capsule Banding and Sealing Equipment, Capsule Liquid Filling Equipment, EnGuard Barrier Isolation and Containment Systems, Glove Boxes and Validation Services.

            Our most powerful tool? Commitment. The team and technology, brought together in a single entity. Combining these resources empowers Schaefer Technologies to deliver on our promises. It's a corporate philosophy that has built one of today's American success stories.

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