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Specialty Equipment

Test Cell Fixture: Approximate 8 ft. Hexagon Semi-Automatic Assembly Bench Heated Dip Tank Video Cart


 The Autoturb3 Micrbiological Assay System is manufactured by STI (Schaefer Technologies, Inc.)  It is designed to test and analyze the potency of antibiotics, vitamins and related substances. This system can …

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Barrier Isolation

Table Top Isolator Table Top Isolator Need an ISO Class 5 hepa-filtered clean room environment in a mini-isolator version, to handle smaller applications? The STI EnGuard Systems Table-Top Isolator is …

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Capsule Banding

STI-CB 15 Capsule Banding Machine STI-CB 15 Capsule Banding Machine The CB-15 is designed to band the joint portions of the cap and body of the filled gelatin or non-gelatin …

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Capsule Fillers

STI-Model 10 ver. 4.3 More info STI-Model 10 ver. 5.1 More info STI-LF 10 More info SoftGel MSG M2 More info STI-Robo Fill RF300 More info

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