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Hard Capsule Equipment

Cannabis Liquid Filling

STI LF10 Liquid Capsule Filler

The LF10 (liquid/oil / paste filling) is a good solution when quantity requirements increase. The LF10 operates up to 15,000 cph. It fills paste and oils into gelatin or vegetable (HPMC) capsules. The built-in heater and stirrer will keep the oil fluid and integrated. The LF10 is also equipped with lockable casters for mobility.

STI-Robofill Liquid Filler

Easily and accurately fill capsules, vape cartridges and tincture bottles with liquids and oils. Product is placed in our 316 stainless steel pressure vessel and processed through a dispensing needle valve into your device.

Capsule trays hold 300 capsules, cartridge and tincture trays are custom designed for your device. STl’s custom heating system allows for the consistent filling of the difficult to process THC and CBD oils.

Cannabis Powder Filling

STI-Model 10 ver 5.1 Capsule Filling Machine

The STI Model 10 5.1 is a semi-automatic, high speed machine designed to increase productivity. 

ProFiller 3600 Manual Capsule Filler

The ProFiller 3600 is a 316 stainless steel, hand-held, 300 hole capsule filler for sizes 000-4, 00el and 2 el.

  • Easier to use than other 200 or 300 capsule fillers.
  • Pharmacopoeia and GMP compliant.
  • Faster size changes and cleaning.
  • Higher output.
  • Compatible with the Profiller 3700 bench-top filler.

Cannabis Capsule Banding

STI Banding Machine

For larger scale production, our STI CB-15 can band up to 15,000* capsules per hour.

Machines provide leak-proof sealing and a tamper-evident band around HPMC, or gelatin based capsules.

*Approx capsules per hour (cph).

STI Labtop Bander

Designed to apply a “Tamper Evident” band to the joint between the capsule cap and body. The result is a pharmaceutically smooth, liquid tight band which produces a seamless, joined capsule. 

STI-Slat Loader

The STI Slat Loader for the Labtop Bander is designed to remove the labor intensive process of manually orientating and loading the filled gelatin or vegetable based capsules into the 10 or 15 cavity slats for the STI LabTop Capsule Bander. 

Capsule Polisher

The CP-4200 replaces other types of polishers such as salt pans and cheesecloth with an effective method requiring no chemicals or disposable products. Manufactured in the USA, the CP-4200 is a state-of-the-art, low cost solution to your capsule cleaning problems. With its 400,000 capsule per hour throughput, the CP-4200 is a perfect inline companion to an automatic or a semiautomatic capsule filling machine or as a stand-alone polisher for batch operations. Capsules are conveyed carefully through the polisher by means of a soft nylon rotary brush that gently removes dust and powder from the capsules. Vacuum is used to carry away debris that might be included in the lot or that may occur during polishing. 

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