Capsule Bander.


STI Laboratory (LabTop) Model 

Capsule Bander.

  • Simulates the banding process of a Hi-Speed production banding machine. The machine is capable of producing approximately 100 banded capsules per hour making it is perfect for low volume runs for clinical trials, comparative studies, stability studies, etc.
  • Is designed to band the joint between the capsule cap and body in order to prevent leakage of liquid products; reduce oxidation of the contents of the capsule; and to minimize the odor problems associated with both solid and liquid products.
  • However, the most important feature demonstrates the tamper resistant nature of the band. Once banded, the capsule is almost impossible to open and re-close without leaving evidence of tampering.
  • The ease of changeover from one capsule to another also makes it possible to evaluate a variety of capsule and banding color combinations.
  • Capsules filled with any of a number of liquid, gel, or paste products (as well as solid dosage forms) are manually loaded into the capsule carrying slats. The slats pass through the banding process identical to the production machines. This ensures a complete and highly accurate banding operation.


The CB-15 Capsule Banding Machine


The CB-15 is designed to band the joint portions of the cap and body of the filled gelatin or vegetable based capsules. 

  The banding takes place as the capsules pass over two rollers that are partially immersed in gelatin, which is electrically heated

and temperature controlled. The result is a smooth, liquid-tight band, which produces a seamless joined capsule. The

banded capsules pass over drying fans as they progress to the pull-off station. The capsules are discharged from the

machine by vacuum.

The CB-15 has a maximum capacity of 15,000 capsules per hour.  


loading the filled gelatin or vegetable based (HPMC) capsules into the slats for the STI LabTop Band

Designed to remove the labor intensive process of manually orientating and loading the filled gelatin or vegetable based (HPMC) capsules into the slats for the STI LabTop Bander. 


STI Slat Loader