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Capsule Banding

STI Banding Machine

STI Capsule Banding Machine

For larger scale production, our STI CB-15 can band up to 15,000* capsules per hour.

Machines provide leak-proof sealing and a tamper-evident band around HPMC, or gelatin based capsules.

*Approx capsules per hour (cph).

STI Labtop Bander

Designed to apply a “Tamper Evident” band to the joint between the capsule cap and body. The result is a pharmaceutically smooth, liquid tight band which produces a seamless, joined capsule. 

STI-Slat Loader

The STI Slat Loader for the Labtop Bander is designed to remove the labor intensive process of manually orientating and loading the filled gelatin or vegetable based capsules into the 10 or 15 cavity slats for the STI LabTop Capsule Bander. 

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