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Capsule Filling - Liquid

STI LF10 Liquid Capsule Filling Machine

The LF10 (liquid/oil / paste filling) is a good solution when quantity requirements increase. The LF10 operates up to 15,000 cph. It fills paste and oils into gelatin or vegetable (HPMC) capsules. The built-in heater and stirrer will keep the oil fluid and integrated. The LF10 is also equipped with lockable casters for mobility.

STI-Robofill Liquid Capsule Filling

Easily and accurately fill capsules with liquids and oils. Product is placed in our 316 stainless steel pressure vessel and processed through a dispensing needle valve into your device.

Capsule trays hold 300 capsules.  STl’s custom heating system allows for consistent capsule filling.

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