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Capsule Filling Powder Machine & Equipment

Capsule Filling Machine For Powder & Pellets

The STI Model 10 5.1 is a is a semi-automatic, High-speed Capsule Filling Machine for powder and pellets. It is designed to increase the productivity and accuracy of your capsule filling process. This is an excellent unit that saves you time and money. Very versatile to meet your your production needs. Check out the product brochure and features below for more information or give us a call today. Schaefer is known for high quality products with great customer support.

Optional: Over Encapsulation tooling

  • Insertion Rings
  • Check Rings
  • Insertion Hoppers & Catch Pans


  • Easy to operate “Digital Speed Controls” provides precise
    adjustment of the “Variable Speed Drive Motors” for the
    Rectifier, Auger and Fill Table.
  • Self contained, horizontal, pneumatic closing station that eliminates
    the risk of hydraulic contamination.
  • Quick change-over from size to size.
  • Internal vacuum pump.


  • Easy to operate “Digital Speed Controls” for repeatability of
    the motor speeds and control of the fill weights.
  • Stainless steel tabletop, frame, rotary tables and covers
  • FDA approved materials for all “product contact surfaces”.
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