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AutoTurb Preventative Maintenance

AutoTurb Preventative Maintenance Consists of:

1. Check Reader, Diluter, syringe pump, and air pump (if present) for operational functionality. Reader and Diluter will be run in all Diagnostic and Normal modes. Technician will clean and lubricate all necessary arm parts.

2. Replace tubing on Flowcell on Reader unit. Replace tubing from cannula to mixing valve on Diluter module. Light bulb will be checked for stability on Spectrophotometer and replaced if necessary. All other tubing will be inspected and replaced, if necessary, at this time except for Calibrated loop tubing.

3. Check reader for function by running a 160-tube normal assay with water. By setting the spectrophotometer to 100%. T, the unit should complete the test with a drift of not more than two points.

4. Rebuild valve on Diluter. Replace port faces, inspect 4-way sliders and replace if worn. Inspect and replace any damaged bushings or tube end fittings not on calibrated loops. Damaged calibrated loops will be replaced at the cost of $100.00 per loop.

5. Run a blue dye test. This checks the whole system for operation. Any calibrated loops that are out of specification will be re-cut if too long. Loops that are too short will be replaced at a cost of $100.00 per loop.

6) Check computer system

Parts Included in this Agreement

Port faces, 4-way sliders, bushings, tubing, tube end fittings, belts and springs are included in the quote for this Agreement. Any extra parts or parts not installed on the machine by our technician at the time of this service will be billed extra.

(Additional Service – Autoturb One Systems): will not be included in a service contract. Additional time (ie. extra days) will be billed at $100.00 per hour for time in your facility. Parts for these systems would be billed extra.

When to schedule service calls. You can set a fixed date for your annual service call at the time this contract is started, or you may schedule it during a certain month(s). Schaefer Technologies will notify you prior to the date of the trip to verify and to see if your system needs any special attention. Moving a scheduled date forward in the case of an emergency repair or to fix a scheduling conflict at your facility would be allowed.

Billing: An open purchase order for the time of the contract will be required. Billing for each call will not be done before the call has been completed. On your purchase order indicate the following:

Number of calls in one twelve-month period requested (one or two).
Specific dates of service or months when you request service.
Number of Autoturb systems to be covered in this order.
Names of contact persons (2 minimum) and telephone numbers.

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