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LabTop Bander Preventative Maintenance

LabTop Bander Preventative Maintenance Consists of:

Guards (without interlocks) have Safety Screws.
Check all electrical components.
Check for loose belts, over-tightened belts, and misaligned belts.
(Belts should have 1/8”-1/4” flex measured at mid-point).
Chain Tension and gears (Chain moves in a smooth continuous
motion with no catches or jerking).
Power Button—push OFF / turn Clockwise ON.
Sealer switch—on/off, functions correctly.
Solution Pan Sensor functions property (Pan in lowered position,
Machine will not power up).
With Bander running, rise Table Top, main drive stops.
Run switch required for main drive restart
With Bander running, open Banding access cover, main drive stops. Run switch required to main drive restart.
Chain Sensor (Chain stops when sensor is tripped and High Speed motor (Banding Wheels stop when sensor is tripped).
Heater Element (Turns on when temperature is requested).
Motors are running smoothly with no catches or jerking.
Temperature Probe is displaying current air temperature.
Banding Wheels have minimal horizontal run-out.
Dr. Blades are in function condition.
Proximity Switches and their positions

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