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Model 10 Preventative Maintenance Plan

Model 10 Preventative Maintenance Consists of:

Chain Tensioner (Rectifying Station)
Size Change Parts
Rectifier Blade square with block
Retainer Bar cams
Retainer Bar not bent
Filling Rings: Alignment & wear
Peg Ring condition
Closing Plate
Pillow Block Bearings & Shafts (Rectifying Station)
Cams for Rectifying Knife & Push Pins
Rulon Bushing Stirring Arm & Auger Shaft
Rulon Thrust Washer
Setting of Rest Shoe & Home Plate
Linear Bearing & Bumper Pad (Closing Station)
Wear On Vacuum Pad & Check Vacuum Screen
Gearbox (Oil Leaks, cracks in seals, keyways)
All Drive Belts (Rectifying Station, Fill Table, Gearbox)
All Air Hoses
Condition of Auger
All Electrical Contacts (Free from Contamination)
Motor Contactors
Proximity Switches and their positions
DC Boards, PC Connection and Back up battery
1) Check vacuum pump capabilities
Check & clean Vacuum Pump Cooling fan
2) Vacuum Pump gauge & Bypass filter
Filter Bags and Pipe work
Humphrey Valve Air Limit Control
Air Control Valves- Solenoid

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