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Tablet & Capsule Counters

STI-4 Tablet Capsule Counter STI-4 Tablet Capsule Counter The STI-4 Tablet Capsule Counter is manufactured for precise counting of all types of capsules, tablets for ...
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Capsule Banding

STI-CB 15 Capsule Banding Machine STI-CB 15 Capsule Banding Machine The CB-15 is designed to band the joint portions of the cap and body of ...
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Capsule Fillers

STI-Model 10 ver. 4.3 More info STI-Model 10 ver. 5.1 More info STI-LF 10 More info SoftGel MSG M2 More info STI-Robo Fill RF300 More ...
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Change Parts for the STI Model 10

We understand that sometimes a replacement part is needed, so take a look at pieces commonly reordered. All of these pieces can be purchased together ...
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