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SCHAEFER: The Best Kept Secret in Capsule Manufacturing

Schaefer Technologies Inc. has been solving manufacturing and distribution challenges since 1932. As an engineering and equipment manufacturing company, we’ve dedicated ourselves to designing and providing manufacturing equipment that makes capsule filling easy, efficient, and effective.

After 90 years in the manufacturing industry, we understand the critical demand for efficiency and effective manufacturing processes. We also understand that one of the essential investments a capsule manufacturer can make is in equipment.

SOLUTIONS: How Can Manufacturers Minimize Waste and Maximize Performance?
The demand for quality capsule machine equipment is projected to increase by approximately 90 million dollars by 2027. As the needs of our manufacturing partners increase, we continue to provide innovative and effective machine equipment to minimize waste and maximize production, resulting in greater profitability.

Human error can lead to spills, inaccurate pouring, and decreased production rate. However, our equipment can help automate manufacturing operations with precision filling and fail-safe features to produce effective capsule positioning, filling, and locking.

Our machines provide manufacturers a choice of equipment capable of filling various capsule sizes and materials. Our machines are designed for product-switching capabilities to help manufacturers easily switch between liquids, pastes, or oil into gelatin or vegetable (HPMC) capsules.

STRATEGY: How Can Automation Make Manufacturing More Efficient?
Our highly advanced and sophisticated machinery can help manufacturing operators receive the highest protection while maximizing output. By minimizing user interaction with a compact design, our machines can automate the capsule-filling process, which translates into additional cost savings.

We offer manual, semi-automatic, and automatic types to fit your custom manufacturing needs. However, we understand that manufacturers have varying needs that require custom solutions. As a machine manufacturer, we offer custom machinery design services to help our manufacturing partners maximize operational efficiency.

Several of our machines feature a heated hopper and stirrer with a temperature sensor to prevent plugging and maintain a free material flow throughout production. This enables a versatile production capability for various capsule sizes and product viscosity.

SERVICE & SUPPORT: Skip Supply Chain Disruption
With 90 years of experience in the industry and regulatory environment, we have designed our machines to be easily operated, cleaned, and maintained. Our reliable support specialists can supply replacement or change parts, on-site field service and training, and toll-free technical support when problems arise.

Through our services, manufacturers aren’t held back by supply chain shortages, shipping delays, or long periods of downtime. We’re equipped and capable of responding to any machine needs to meet your critical scheduling.

In conclusion, we help manufacturers leverage new technologies to drive efficient production, streamline operation performance, and maximize capsule processing.



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